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Hi! My name is Rufus and I'm almost 16 yrs old. 

In December 2020, my 5 friends and I needed help due to sad circumstances and Furballs offered me and my 16 yr old brother Ceefer space.  The others found homes as they were younger.  When we arrived, our foster mum knew something was wrong with me as I was ravenous, eating almost a whole box of 12 sachets a day!  My  brother and I were booked in to see a vet and bloods confirmed what the rescue thought was wrong with me, I'm hyperthyroid.

Ceefer was lucky to find a wonderful home where he has all the attention on him and the plan was for me to go to a friend in Scotland, but the vet also found out I had a major heart murmur and an enlarged kidney so it was decided I would stay with Furballs Rescue. 

I have been on medication for my thyroid since December and two blood tests since then have shown it's worked! my thyroid level has come down.  With my issue, you can probably guess there is lots of costs involved. I have to have another blood test in September to check my thyroid is behaving and I should really have a full blood test done to make sure no issue with my kidneys or liver have been hidden which can happen when your thyroid is being naughty!  A full test is about £200.  My medication also costs about £50 for a 100ml bottle, but that does last me about 3 months on my current dosage.  If you would like to donate towards me, there is a donate button at the top of the page :) 

I will ask my human to post updates on me when I have my next tests.