Homes Needed

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snow Snow is approx. 18 months old and is looking for a home who will be understanding in the time he needs to trust a new human. He can live with a laid back cat and older children. Snow is neutered, vaccinated and chipped. Home check and donation applies rehome
Schofield Schofield is an 8 yr old lad looking for a home with no other cats. He currently lives with two dogs and could live with children over 14 yrs old. He would like access to outside once settled. Schofield is neutered and chipped and is currently living in Wales, transport can be arranged. Home check and donation apply rehome
Teddy Teddy has a really calm, serene character and is so docile and tame, let you pick up him and is really beautiful. Teddy is independent and would like a home without any other cats, he may suit a single or older person as well as he is fine on his own too. Being around him has a calming effect. Teddy would like to sit on sofas and maybe go out occasionally into a garden but is tired of street life as he did not feel safe. Teddy likes playing with the fishing line with the wiggly worm and also string and little balls which he plays footie with. Teddy is neutered, vaccinated and chipped. Homecheck and donation apply rehome