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Benjamin Found

Hi! My name is Benjamin Button, but not too long ago I had no name as I was a stray. A couple of months ago a kind person posted me on a local Facebook group as they were worried that I was very old and ill. People tried to look for me but I disappeared. A couple of weeks later I turned up at another home where they fed me. Again, I was posted on Facebook and Furballs Rescue asked if I could be caught and taken to the V-E-T. The day I was taken to the V-E-T, the lovely people there thought I was very old and would not survive 24 hours. But I surprised them!

I was given the name Humphrey and believed to be about 18 years old. For the week I was with them, hoping an owner would come forward, I was treated for fleas, worms, and given antibiotics as I had a very unsettled tummy. I was a very polite gentleman and adored my attention but as I had to struggle for food previously, I grabbed my food as soon as I could get my paws on it. Because of this treatment, when I was collected by the rescue, my age was lowered to approximately 10-12 years. I have now been with the rescue for a few weeks and I have been put on raw food which has settled my tummy and I am now gaining new weight.

I am settling in well, however my rescue family need to raise some funds as I need to be neutered, have a dental and I need surgery on my lower left eyelid as it curls in and hurts my eye. I went to see the V-E-T last week and she thought I was a different cat and they now believe I am only 2-4 years old! I’m a sweet natured boy who has learnt to play and as soon as I am touched, I purr. I would love to find a loving home who will spoil me but first, I need my treatments.

My rescue family would be grateful for any donation, no matter how big or small.

If you could make a small donation to help with Benjamin's treatment you can do so here:

Benjamin's gofundme